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home Responsive and Reliable Representation for Businesses and Individuals in New York DuBose and Greenberg P.C. is a rising star among New York law firms, offering expert legal services throughout the five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island. We pride ourselves on being attentive to our clients’ needs and helping them understand their best options under the law. From legal advice to complex litigation proceedings, we provide the knowledge and dedication you need to achieve your goals. At DuBose and Greenberg, we explain the legal process in language you can understand. We work with you at every step and keep you informed of your case so that you know you are receiving the best possible representation. It is our goal to ensure your complete satisfaction with the service we provide. Whether you are seeking help with Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Immigration, Family Law, or Securities Arbitration, DuBose and Greenberg delivers the advocacy you deserve.

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‘DuBose and Greenberg’ is one of the best Criminal Defense Lawyers associations located in New York, providing expert legal advice for Commercial Litigation, Security Arbitration, family law, divorce, child support, immigration, landlord tenant law, domestic violence.

‘DuBose and Greenberg’ Association is made up of attorneys practicing criminal defense laws in New York, along with associated specialists and law professionals. We help educate people and promote research in the field of criminal defense law and the related areas.  ‘DuBose and Greenberg’ Association has been formed to improve the quality, value and administration of justice.

At DuBose and Greenberg Association, we fully understand the needs of our clients and provide them with the excellent solutions and legal advice for their law related problems. We always use innovative ways & legal recommendations to be better lawyers.

DuBose and Greenberg Association always works to provide legal support and education as well as helps to encourage cooperation between lawyers engaged in the advancement of our objectives through publication and mutual assistance.

Criminal Defense Attorney

At DuBose & Greenberg, our team of Criminal Defense Lawyers plays the role of best criminal defense lawyers in the justice system and deals with all immediate legal requirements as well as long-term goals of corporate and individual clients. If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, we always here to protect your rights and ensures your access to a fair trial. We have extensive experience defending people accused of the crimes such as drug related crimes, DUI, violent crimes, sex offences and Pre-Indictment Representation. ‘DuBose & Greenberg’ Association ensures your access to a fair trial. By examining the circumstance of your case and the strength of the evidence against you, defense lawyer will apply current law along with previous legal precedent as per law terms.

Commercial Litigation

‘DuBose & Greenberg’ Association advises on all types of large-scale commercial disputes in industry sector, multinational corporations, individuals and other financial institutions. The high scale of our practices enable us to act simultaneously on several cases and quickly draw together huge teams in response to client requirements. DuBose & Greenberg’ Association offers commercial and practical solutions for complex disputes and provides unique full-service offering to the clients.

Civil Rights Attorney

‘DuBose & Greenberg’ Association has most experienced civil rights lawyers who can handle civil rights actions against both the government as well as individuals. Our team is committed to upholding the standards of excellence by helping people to obtain a suitable settlement for the violation of their rights. ‘DuBose & Greenberg’ is dedicated to justice and this act enabling it to meet the needs of all clients.

Securities Arbitration/Litigation

Securities litigation and arbitration matters are very complex. ‘DuBose & Greenberg’ Association is experienced in handling securities litigation and arbitration claims and can assist you in arbitration and litigation of broker misconduct. We understand the controversial nature of these proceedings and work attentively to give solutions that protect their clients’ legal rights and maximize results.

Family Law

DuBose & Greenberg has best team of experienced lawyers and professionals who always ready to deals with your family concerns and give you excellent advice and effective solutions for these problems. DuBose & Greenberg provides reliable legal advice and services for those who are facing family law issues such as separation and divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, and much more.


The attorneys at DuBose and Greenberg are dedicated helping clients with their immigration problems. At DuBose and Greenberg, the team of professionals will guide you to obtain a green card, temporary visas issue, citizenship and extensions of visas and other temporary working visas and more. We work conscientiously to attain most excellent results for immigration needs of our clients.

Landlord Tenant Law

The professional lawyers of DuBose & Greenberg’ firm help you to understand all your rights and the terms and conditions of your lease agreement according to landlord tenant law and take action if you are the victim of a inattentive landlord.  At DuBose & Greenberg, we help hundreds of clients each year with issues related to tenancy, ownership of real estate property and also governs the rental of commercial and residential property.

Mission and Values

The purpose of DuBose & Greenberg Association is to protect and ensure by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the federal organizations in criminal cases. We encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of the criminal defense profession as well as promote the accurate administration of criminal justice.

The values of ‘DuBose & Greenberg’ firm reflect the association’s enduring mission to ensure justice and due process for all.